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Access Control Security Systems

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Access control systems are designed to permit the flow of authorised persons in and out of specific areas at different times and also deny access to unauthorized persons. All employees are issued with an access card which they are required to present / swipe in order to gain entry. The access card must be briefly held up to the proximity reader which will gauge whether or not the individual has access privileges.

If someone walks in off the street without an access card, they will not be able to enter. If an employees card is not coded to permit access into a particular area such as a cash room, HR office, Financial Directors office, or any area where the most sensitive company information is held, their proximity card will not permit entry.

Security & Data Systems (data security monitoring systems solutions)uses the latest state of the art technology to monitor or deny access to certain areas of your premises. We will establish your needs and recommend the best system for you and your budget.

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